Your support of the Hillsboro Libaray Friends is an investment in the vision of Hillsboro Public Library. When you invest in the library, you invest in critical support for free literacy programs, lifelong learning, workforce development and equitable access to resources for the adults, children and youth of Hillsboro and the surrounding area.

Thank you to the following who produced the FRIENDS BOOK

It takes a village of volunteers to produce a FRIENDS BOOK, and we want to warmly acknowledge and thank the following who made it all happen:

Mary Dawson- Came up with the idea and then spearheaded the entire effort!

Ann Groves, Susan Arbogast, Helena Gondry, Susan Chappell, Eleszabeth McNeel, Joanna Cordell, Goldie McClure, Phyllis Crickenberger, Charlene Beverage, Phyllis Lubin Tyler, Margaret Baker, Ruth Taylor

We also thank the quilters of the First Thursday UFO Group. Thanks to the seventy-one cooks who shared their favorite recipes. We thank the artists who decorated the FRIENDS’ BOOK as well as the businesses that bought ads.

The Friends Book
“The Friends Book” shares quilts make by this town’s local quilters, favorite recipes, straight from the kitchens of Hillsboro residents, and touches on the town’s history.  It also explores the important role the  Hillsboro library has played in the quintessential  town of Hillsboro, West Virginia.  You can preorder the book which will be available mid June for local pick-up at the Hillsboro Library. If you live outside of the local area freeshipping is available. You can purchase the book below. Thank you for your support.